Friday, March 29, 2013

a very special someone's birthday :: my hubby

Yesterday was my husband's birthday and trust me, we both can't believe he turned the big thirty + one! I remember when I was younger thinking that people in their thirties were so old, wow has my perception changed. I know my husband is obsessed with our little ones as much as I am so I just had to do a birthday pic for him while he was at work. As I do a lot, I just took a pic and then added text afterwards. And I think it turned out perfect!

A while back I had seen a beer cake on pinterest and I knew this would be the best dessert for my husband on his birthday. So I loaded up the kids and off to the grocery store we went to buy a 30 pack during the day. This was a first for me, I have never bought beer with my two kiddos and honestly did feel a bit weird. The lady at the cash register starred at my id for a while (as I look super young) and then proceeded to tell me "honey you better keep that out because they may stop you as you are leaving." So I'm thinking....really, someone would think I am trying to steal beer midday with a toddler and a 30 pack in the cart and a baby on my hip? Does that really happen? Then I looked at my outfit and lack of togetherness and decided, I guess anything is possible and I do look a bit suspect....

My husband came home and loved his gifts. We fed the kiddos, put them to sleep, and then had my wonderful sister-in-law come over so we could end the day having dinner and drinks at the RB Inn.

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