Saturday, February 7, 2015

DIY :: whimsical mobile

About a month ago I made my friend a mobile for her baby shower. It was her second baby girl and she didn't need/want much so I decided to go the creative diy route for her gift. Well it turned out much better than I planned and now I have made several since, including one for my baby girl (yep that's how much I loved it).

This is a very easy project, but I figured I would give a quick guide to anyone wanting to make one. The best part is that you can make it while sitting on the couch and watching kind of late night project for sure.

Please note that this could get pricey if you are not careful on what ribbons you buy. Make sure you check the yardage on the back of the spool since some don't come with much and therefore may only give you 2 strands. I always buy my items on sale or I plan ahead and buy larger spools online.

embroidery hoop ($2.99 at Joannes)
fabric/lace/ribbon/string (price will vary)

You can get super creative with what you use to tie around your hoop. I like getting lace fabric on sale and then cutting my own strands. I use these fabric lace strands the most and then fill in with the other ribbons.

1. Cut your pieces into 30" strands (I normally start by cutting 4 strands of each different type of ribbon, and 8 strands of my base fabric lace pieces.
2. Tie them onto your hoop. (Fold the strand in half and loop it over your hoop while pulling itself through.
3. Repeat steps one and two until you are happy with the fullness.
4. And lastly, Hang it up. Take twine/fishing line (some kind of string) and tie 4 strands to your hoop. Then have them meet in the middle to the desired height you want it hanging. Tie them all together and secure to your ceiling.

That is it! Here are a few pics of the one I made for my babe.

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