Sunday, June 30, 2013

A DIY Summer :: Week 1 :: baby headband out of tights

What kicked off your summer this year? School getting out? Summer hours? In this house we know summer has officially began when my husband starts going to work tieless. Yep- that's his casual summer attire- offered for 3 months a year at his office, where the men don't have to where a tie. I know pretty crazy right. I thought it would be fun to introduce a new DIY project each week this {tieless} summer. And don't worry, this thrifty mama keeps everything pretty simple and inexpensive. So please try a couple projects or all of them if you wish- enjoy!

This week's tutorial is a baby girl (or adult) headband out of a pair of tights. I love projects that use items I already have, and this one did just that! Plus it takes only a couple minutes- awesome right? If you don't have a pair of baby tights run to wal-mart and grab a pair (or a couple) for $1 each :) The ones I am using for my 6 month old baby are size 0-6 months. So- if you are making this headband for yourself, I would buy the next size up. I'm not showing step by step pictures, as this is so easy it's not needed!

1. Lay your tights flat on the table horizontally and make a straight cut approx. 1" above the crotch area where the legs connect

2. Holding the tights stretched out (foot in each hand) wrap the part you just cut around the back of baby's head and bring the feet to her forehead

4. Tie in a square/double knot and arrange the feet so they make a bow

5. Tuck/wrap the waist area where you originally cut if any of it is sticking out in the back

Yep- that's it- you are done! Now go make a few more super cute and comfy headbands :)

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