Sunday, April 7, 2013

the adventures of everly jae

When I was pregnant my mom came across some amazingly creative photos by Adele Enerson, creator of the "When my Baby Dreams" books. She thought this was something right up my alley to try and do once Everly was born. However, Everly was never one of those babies that you could move around and pose while she was sleeping, so this idea was out the door. Then one day I laid her down on the floor of my son Braeden's room awake, and for some reason she loved it there.  My son was sick for a few days so we were stuck in the house. What better way to pass the time and all hang out than by dressing up Everly and putting together little scenes using items around the house. Braeden loved helping out and it was even an educational experience as we taked about colors and counted as we placed each item down. His favorite part was definitely eating the cookie crisp that was used for the lamb's eye (everly had a little lamb scene)...we went through about 10 eyes :) Not going to lie, I had tons of fun and the possibilities are just endless... So we decided to make a few more the next week and put a book together for daddy's birthday, called "The adventures of Everly Jae." Take a look at some of Everly's many adventures...


This was the back cover of the book we made for daddy...

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