Friday, June 7, 2013

six months :: sibling interaction

Wow today marks the six month mark for Everly! I am enjoying her so much (of course) and so is her big brother. Now that Everly is making noises, rolling around, grabbing for things and doing a bit more than "just acting like a baby" Braeden is having a good ole time with her. Watching the two of them interact just melts my heart and seriously gives me the warm fuzzies ;) Everly smiling at Braeden, Braeden sharing his toys with Everly, the two of them playing...the cuteness just doesn't end. I love getting Braeden involved too as a "helper." I can tell he feels proud when he feeds her a bottle, gets her a burp cloth when she spits up, or gives her a toy when she gets cranky. I am however amazed that my baby girl is already six months. Time to bring out the baby bullet and start making some baby food!

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