Sunday, August 4, 2013

a little "sprinkle"

Yesterday my friend Tiffani and I threw a "sprinkle" (a gathering that is lighter, smaller, and less chaotic than the first baby shower) for my good and gorgeous friend Shannon who will soon be having her second baby boy. I must say that it turned out quite perfect in my opinion. There were nine of us ladies (awesome group might I add), a great size where it felt intimate and we could have one table conversation if we wished. We planned a morning sit down brunch at a gorgeous and quiet facility in Poway called Maderas. With just a little table decor, we were ready to sprinkle the mama with love and luck for baby #2, aka Hudson. Mommy talk filled the air of course and everyone's company was enjoyed by the guest of honor. The perfect way to celebrate the upcoming arrival of baby #2.

To thank everyone for coming we gave them each a painted "shoe" that said "make a wish." Hoping everyone's wishes come true! I love the way the dipped horseshoes look and they made an awesome favor. You can find them for sale soon  at my shop everly b.

Personalized onesie for baby Hudson...

loved this yarn wrapped letter made by miss Tiffani..

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