Sunday, August 11, 2013

corvette diner :: a family place

This past week we did a family dinner at corvette diner. I have not been to this place in years and had no idea what to expect. When doing dinners with the littles I always try and make sure we go somewhere kid-friendly so that the kids can still be kids. Knowing this, my mom suggested corvette diner and it just so happened to be the perfect suggestion (thanks mom!). We did a 5:00 dinner so that it was early enough to miss any possible wait time. It's hard enough for a toddler (boy) to sit still during dinner, so having to wait an hour before hand is just asking for it :) This place was great though. Super family friendly, loud + fun atmosphere, every so often the workers would do a dance that the kids could join along with and the food came out very quick. To top it off, there was even an arcade where the kids could enjoy some game time after dinner. Yes, I think we will be going back soon!

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