Thursday, November 7, 2013

month :: eleven

Today miss Everly Jae is eleven months! I seriously could cry thinking about how fast time is going! I don't want my peanut to be one yet-....I am so not ready for her to not be a "baby" anymore. As usual a lot happens in a month. Everly's personality keeps developing and the love for her brother is beyond cute. They spend so much time "playing" together now, and for real playing. They play peek a boo behind the curtains, hide and go seek (B does all the hiding and yells until Everly crawls and seeks him), they play blocks (everly chews on them), trains (yes she chews on them too), and of course their fav is having snack time together.

Right now Everly is at that age where she is super easy. Independent enough, not fussy, content for long periods of time, can't walk yet therefore easy to carry and bring anywhere, chills, explores, sleeps great, plays with toys, laughs, smiles... all while still being a cute little baby. I just want to hold her and soak up her cuddles as much as possible.  I remember Braeden being the same demeanor at this age. I was newly pregnant and so happy I was getting through the first trimester before he walked and any tantrums started :)

-6 teeth
-crawls "normal" instead of combat slithering :)
-says mama, dada, hi,
-still is obsessed with all food
-mama's girl
-favorite toy is a talking fishie bowl that she puts fish into
-can take steps while holding onto the couch/train table

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