Sunday, January 12, 2014

mama and proud of it!

Woohoo! So happy that our "mama" sweatshirts are now up in the shop! Not going to lie, I am wearing mine right now (and have been for the last few days on and off) and it is SO comfy! Beware- you will wear this a lot :) So if you are a proud mama who also loves to wear things cute and comfy then this item is definitely for you!

So where did this design come from you wonder? Like many kids do, my son Braeden who is 2 1/2 calls me mama and so does his baby sister. I love hearing them say this! So a few weeks ago I made a note that I wanted a piece of apparel that said "mama" on it. Just something simple but got the message across. Since it is winter and the mornings call for an extra layer, I have been throwing my husbands sweatshirts on over leggings. This is something I did when I was pregnant, SO I should not be doing it anymore. BUT I have no sweatshirts that I like. The last time I bought a sweatshirt I think I was in college....and ya those just don't fit the same. Off I went to do some research and designing....and ding ding- our "mama" sweatshirt was born.

Hope you enjoy your day- and I can't wait to share another new item coming to the shop soon!

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