Saturday, November 29, 2014

diy :: dream catcher mobile

I have been wanting to hang something new and different above baby's crib for a while now but wasn't sure what. For Everly, I made a few tissue balls (which are simple and make a cute statement) but felt I wanted to change things up for baby #3. Since we don't know if peanut is a boy or girl it had to be somewhat gender neutral.  This past weekend I was at a craft fair and saw a gorgeous dream catcher and couldn't stop thinking about it. Unfortunately it was a bit too pricey for my tight nursery budget so I decided to make my own {simplified} version and in a mobile. This project took me about an hour and cost just under $15.

The materials:
- sponge brush or paint brush
- embroidery hoop (I used a 12" one) $2.99 at michaels regular price (40% off with coupon :)
- gold paint (69¢ at michaels)
- fake feathers
- gold ribbon/string
- fishing line
- clear tape


1. Paint the tips of your feathers gold. I used 13 feathers. 4 already had black tips when I bought them so I left them like that.

2.Paint your embroidery hoop gold. Let dry.
3.Tie your gold string from one end of the hoop to the other. Repeat until you get the desired look.

4. Cut and tie your string to the hoop. The length can be whatever you want.
5. Tape the tips of your feathers to the end of each hanging string
5. Take your fishing line, tie it to the hoop and then connect it in the middle to hang from your ceiling.

You are done!

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