Thursday, December 4, 2014

Boys are outnumbered :: welcome to the world Kenzie

Our Quinn clan now consists of three girls and 2 boys! On Monday morning we welcomed a beautiful baby girl into this world, Kenzie Rae Quinn. She was born at 10:00 am weighing 7 lbs 8 ozs and measuring 19.5" in length. As I type this she is peacefully asleep in daddy's arms on the couch. I still feel like this is all a dream. I feel incredibly blessed that our baby was healthy and that we were able to come home yesterday where Kenzie can begin bonding with her brother and sister-- who just adore her.

We were team green (as we were with the other two kids) and wanted to wait to find out if we were to welcome a baby boy or girl into this world. My husband and I both thought that we would have another boy. So when a precious baby girl was born we were incredibly surprised. I can't describe how happy I am, how this feels so right and how much Everly and Braeden are already loving on their baby sister. I did not imagine this to all go so well. And never did I imagine that I would be doing a blog post already. But everyone is asleep and I can't help but get some typing in and begin documenting our Quinn adventures as a family of five.

Here are a few pics ... all taken from our iphones---

daddy did great. first pic with his new baby girl. mama was getting closed up.

hello world. meet Kenzie rae quinn.

 skin to skin. the best.

my first walk.

me and my everbug. and her dolly of course.

family of five. My heart is full. words could never come close to describe my happiness.

daddy checking on kenzie

 another visit from sissy. it was raining, so perfect for a pajama day.

And that's a wrap. goodbye hospital. We are now proud parents of three babes :)

we're home! proud brother and unsure sister :)

home is where my family is. 

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