Friday, July 12, 2013

A DIY Summer :: Week 3 :: Dipped Horseshoe

I LOVE the dip-dye trend (even if it has been around for quite a while)! I have been wanting to do a project that gives this look ever since I saw a set of gorgeous dipped chairs in my HGTV magazine a couple months back (btw- LOVE this magazine). Last week I was online and scrolling through some rustic images when I came across a picture of a welded horseshoe heart. A lightbulb went off, I got super excited and knew I wanted to use a horseshoe for my dipped project.

All you need is a horseshoe, tape, and spray paint (I just used what I had, but these would look awesome in vibrant funky colors too) and your lucky dipped shoe will be ready to hang in no time!

Please note that you can actually dip your items in paint, or just get the look by spray painting or brush painting directly on your item like I did.

Again, no pictures needed.... you know what that means- easy peasy project :)

1. Clean off your horseshoe (I got mine from a garage sale for 50¢)

2. Spray the entire shoe with the color you will see the most of (silver for above pic). Let dry.

3. Decide how big of an area you want the "dipped" portion to be. With painters tape or masking tape, tape off everything but that area (gold area for pic above).

4. Spray the remaining exposed area. Let Dry. Remove tape.

Just like that- you are done! Now you can hang your stylish lucky shoe to protect and add good fortune to your home! Some say that to keep the good luck in, you must hang your horseshoe upside down-- where others say a horseshoe adds good luck no matter which way it hangs- so you decide!

Wouldn't these also make awesome bridal shower or wedding favors too?-- oh the possibilities!

Of course I couldn't stop there- so I brought out some wooden utensils this morning and gave them a fresh look and added charm :) This literally took two minutes...just put a piece of tape where you want your paint to stop, paint, and you're done!

My son loved playing (hitting things) with them after too :)

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