Thursday, July 11, 2013

month :: seven

Our little petite princess just turned 7 months on Sunday. This has been a big month for Everly. She laughed for the first time, can table top sit up (for a few seconds), started eating solids, had her first small tasting of formula and both her middle bottom teeth just broke through last week. Lots of changes right?! All I want to do is hold her all day long since I know how fast she will grow up. Her demeanor has changed so much too. Everly has become quite chill and very go with the flow like her brother was as a baby. Braeden just adores Everly as always and is such a great big brother and helper. Loving everyday with my little peanuts and feeling super blessed... and believe it or not, the thought of having another has even crossed my mind (crazy I know...)

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