Saturday, October 12, 2013

Project Braeden's room :: week 2

I have been wanting some sort of shelving for B's room for a while now. So when thinking how to add some dimension/interest to his wall I started looking around the house for ideas. Then-- I remembered that I saved the old spice/storage cabinet from our original kitchen (we redid it last year)! I went through the garage to see what paint options I had to work with. My decision ended up coming down to anne sloan blue chalk paint or a can of black spray chalk paint. After a few minutes of thinking (as the clock was ticking) I chose the latter. And while the kiddos took their afternoon naps I sprayed the cabinet. Most of it got 2 coats, but I left the back of the shelf "ugly" looking as I have another plan for that :)

This project cost me $0! (Cabinet and paint I already had)

Oh and don't worry--it will look so much cuter when I am done with it and it is hanging in B's least that's what I keep telling myself ;)

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