Friday, October 4, 2013

time for a redo :: project braeden's room

When I was pregnant with Braeden a couple years ago we were part of team green (yes those couple's who wished to not find out the sex of their baby). Without knowing the gender of our peanut and because I am a pretty plain and neutral person to begin with I kept the nursery very simple. I knew I could add pops of color and more masculine/feminine pieces once baby arrived. Well, two years and five months later the room is almost exactly the same (with the addition of a train table and crib converted into toddler bed). SO I have now decided to give myself one month to complete "Project Braeden's room." For the next month I will do one room project a week and do a post to share my progress. This is not going to be anything too extreme (I don't think :/), just fun and simple!

The other day I was playing around on the internet when I came across anti dust chalk. The chalk dust is what always held me back from doing a chalkboard wall, so once I saw this I knew a chalkboard wall was an immediate GO!

Yesterday morning I took the kiddos to home depot (7am) to pick up the chalkboard paint. The gentleman was incredibly sweet and for some crazy reason decided to charge me for "damaged" paint. So I got a steal- 2 cans for $6. I felt a little guilty to be honest :/ So this project cost me (with tax) just under $7. I already had drop cloths and paint rollers that the original owners had left in the garage cabinets when we moved in---score!

Here is the paint I used.

When we got home I put Everly down for a nap and I got to work. I did one coat, then took the kiddos to dog beach while it dried. I then very quickly did one more coat when we got home. While my paint job is not perfect, I am still extremely thrilled at how great it turned out. I cannot wait to test it out (suggested time frame to wait is 3-4 days after painting)!

Here it is right after my second coat was applied (still wet):

here is the wall today completely dried. Not perfect, but hey its only going to get drawn all over ;)

here is some of my inspiration, I hope b's wall looks half as cute as these do :)

via houzz

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