Friday, May 16, 2014

diy friday:: pom pom flowers

For the birthday coming up I wanted to have some simple decor around the beverage and food table, to add a little color and fill in the empty spaces. My first thought was flowers. Although I love flowers and they are absolutely gorgeous the heat here has just been way too hot and I would love something I could repurpose again. So... pom pom flowers it is! What's great about these is they can be used on my mantle after the party too, or for that matter anything really.

These are super easy (& inexpensive) and the best part is you can make them while watching your fav tv show! Before you know it you will have made ten :) Since I already had most of the supplies this project cost me under $5....wohoo!

What you will need:
YARN- I used some left overs I had and then got a cheap spool from michaels for $2.99. Wal-mart also has yarn.
TWIGS- I just got some from my backyard
VASES/JARS- random sizes are best
POM POM MAKER- This is not a must, but I do recommend it.. I already had one but you can get this at wal-mart for $5 or michaels for $8. The brand I have is clover and comes in a pack with 2 different size makers.

The easy how to:
-I think its best to google a how to video and watch a tutorial on how to use your pom pom maker first
-Next make your pom pom and then simply just stick your twig through the yarn. No glue needed.
-Place it in a vase and you my friend are done!

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