Sunday, May 18, 2014

Three and Free :: birthday celebration

Yesterday we celebrated my son and his girlfriend turning 3. The two of them began being friends while still in our bellies --So yes, they have literally grown up together :) This was the first time I had done a joint birthday party and I must say, I LOVED it! I always have more fun planning something when others are involved. It was great to come up with ideas together and then split some of the executing. Not to mention our children adore each other and we can never get enough of watching the two of them play. Huge thanks to my friend Diane who was a perfect co-host and who had the perfect house for this event.

Since it was a coed birthday we did a simple ice cream theme with a mix of pastel colors. On our list of must haves, a photo backdrop was pretty high up there. So we took some old (free) pallets that had been sitting on the side of my house for way too long and gave the hubbies a job ;) I must say I give them major props. It turned out just as I hoped and they did a fabulous job in a very timely fashion.

The birthday morning was filled with smiles, laughter, sweets, more sweets, good chatter, running around, and even a donut eating contest. This was a beautiful gathering and celebration for both the kiddos and adults. I can't believe my son is three!

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