Saturday, August 30, 2014

I feel pregnant :: week 25

Yep I officially feel and definitely look pregnant!
baby is the size of a: cauliflower
how far along: 25 weeks
cravings: baked potatoes, weird right?
strange stranger encounters yet? Belly rubbers? Unsolicited advice? now that I have "popped" more, I get many people saying "wow you have your hands full" whenever they see my belly and two kids. I guess they are right :)
weight gain: 24 lbs!
maternity clothes? Absolutely! I just bought some awesome and super comfy pants on the clearance rack at h&m. I am also loving kimonos!
what I miss: wearing my fav pair of lululemons. They wanted to burst at the seams the last time I tried to wear them. So into retirement they will go, for a {long} while.
gender: All of a sudden I am leaning towards a boy.
sleep: I get a second wind at night when I should be sleeping. Baby loves being active around 10:30/11:00 pm. I am the most tired mid-day.

Braeden and Everly went to my last appointment. I love having them be a part of this experience as much as possible. At night when Braeden asks to kiss the baby (my belly) goodnight my heart just melts. He also loves when I read him his "big brother" book. I'll admit, I change a lot of the words to cater more to him though :) Time is still flying by.

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