Tuesday, July 29, 2014

bump alert : 19 weeks

A little behind and playing catch up, but I figured I have to start somewhere right? I'm not sure how I will write each post, but here goes...

My belly button has already popped, but to be honest it never really went completely down after I had Everly. There is something definitely strange with it, I may need to start wearing a large bandaid to hold it down :) Not to mention Everly loves poking it! The doctor visits have been awesome. Being able to bring my son Braeden to them and have him be a part of this process has been incredibly special. He has already named the baby "Carter" after one of his best friends. So sweet right?
baby is the size of a: mango
how far along: 19 weeks
cravings: None really. I just love the idea (even when not pregnant) of having something a little sweet at night and since it has been so darn hot and humid out popsicles have been my go to.
strange stranger encounters yet? Belly rubbers? Unsolicited advice? Most people ask if this is my first. When I tell them it's my third they are definitely shocked and I have had multiple older women tell me there is no way I am old enough to be having a third baby. Whatever that means haha
weight gain: 16 lbs. Let's be honest. I have never been the girl who loses weight in her first trimester or only gains 25 pounds at full term. But I don't mind. What I do mind is that my arms always get big, even when I work hard (ok not too hard, but still) to tone them while prego.
maternity clothes? Absolutely! I kind of love shorts with belly bands, shhh don't tell my husband. My fav ones are from h&m and I actually found some cute cheap ones at Ross. Oh and this dress I am wearing is target maternity. It is SO comfy!
what I miss: having a triple white mocha from starbucks and a shock top (beer) or two at night with the hubs
gender: The hubby thinks a boy and I have no idea. Not leaning one way or the other yet.
sleep: This is going pretty well. Not many late night bathroom breaks and thankfully no discomfort yet.

Not going to lie, this pregnancy is flying by. I associate that with the fact that I have a 1 and 3 year old that keep me busy and having fun. Therefore, forgetting I am even pregnant. Until of course I try and get dressed and wear the same three bottoms over and over :)

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