Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I have a Preschooler?!

Last week my first born started pre-school! My husband went into work late so that he could walk him to school too (so sweet). Oh and our house is literally right next door, takes less than 2 minutes to walk there (and that's at a kids wandering pace ;) It was no shock that Braeden walked right into the class and started playing. Even said bye without looking up or thinking twice that mama and daddy were leaving. So of course I had to go over to him and steal a hug and a kiss. Although this is a big day and a new beginning for many adventures, no tears were shed by this mama. Seeing my son so happy made me proud and all I could do is smile. His sister on the other hand couldn't stop asking about B and where he was. Once it was time to go pick him up she was stoked.

Before school I asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up. And I asked him this 4 different times to see if there was consistency. But there was not. So when Braeden grows up he wants to be a...
-real gorilla
-grumpy face (says this while smiling and not sure what he thinks this is)
-race car

Yep that is my silly son for ya. His sense of humor will never get old.....I hope :) Here are some pics:

When Everly and I went to pick him up his eyes lit up as soon as we walked into the classroom. Then he began playing with the wooden trucks and didn't want to leave. On our walk home he asked if next time he could stay there even a really really long time (in his words). I guess you can say this kid had a wonderful first day of preschool. And I am one proud mama...

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