Monday, January 12, 2015

first month favorites

We recently just hit the one month mark of sweet Kenzie joining our family. I have been asked by multiple mamas what some of my favorite products are. So I decided that each month I will do a quick round up of my frequently used and approved items. Here is month one -- in no specific order...

1. Solly baby wrap
Love this wrap, especially for a newborn. Having multiple kids wearing my baby is a must. Don't let the fabric scare you, it is super easy to use and your babe will feel so comfortable being right next to your heart.

2. Boppy
Ever since having my first baby, the boppy has been an essential part to all my at home feedings. It makes feedings easy and comfortable for myself and baby. I have a few covers too so that they are easy to switch out in case of spit ups :)

3. Fiber one bars
Sometimes I just get really hungry. Looking after the kids and making sure the three of them are fed and happy sometimes makes me forget about myself. Having bars around makes it super easy to grab and go or to just quickly eat at home.

4. Cradle n swing - my little snugabunny by Fisher Price
Sometimes you just need to put the baby down. This swing is great for Kenzie to chill in while the other kiddos play in front of her or around the house. She can have happy awake time in here and then normally takes a morning snooze in it too while I make breakfast. Bonus- this one plugs into the wall so you don't need to worry about batteries!

5. Ollie swaddle
I have always swaddled my little ones and never found it easy nor long lasting when I just use a regular blanket. This swaddle special blanket is very easy to use and keeps my baby sleeping for long durations at night-- which means I get more sleep too!

6. Rock and play deluxe sleeper by Fisher Price
I am so happy I stumbled upon this item online and very thankful we didn't waste anytime getting it (like I sometimes do with products). At night after Kenzie's last feeding I swaddle her (in the ollie) rock her a bit and then lay her in this cozy contraption. The vibration mode on it makes the transition from baby in my arms to this sleeper quite easy. Also huge plus, it's very easy to fold up and take with you for an overnight.

7. My baby homedics sound spa machine
Constant noise has always been key to our kiddos sleeping so well. This sound machine has the perfect noise options (heart beat, rain, twinkle twinkle little star, etc.) and you can just plug it in and have it run all night for white noise. During the day when Kenzie naps we put it on "rain" and at night she sleeps to the  "heartbeat." It also has the option of a nightlight to project on the ceiling. My two older kids still sleep with theirs every night. This also helps with noise during middle of the night awakenings/feedings since the rooms in our house are close together.

8. Humble hilo {diaper} bag
This is not a traditional diaper bag, but it makes a perfect one! From the first time I saw it, I knew it was a must have item for baby #3. I have the size large bag and it is big enough to carry my many baby/kid items. Plus super bonus is that it is gorgeous and I feel like a stylish mama every time I carry it. Oh and the compliments from strangers don't stop coming :)

9. Pampers swaddlers
Hands down the best diapers for a newborn. So soft and gentle on their skin. I won't use any other brand on my newborn baby's bottom...

10. Burp Cloth 
Yep one of our items and I think the image explains it all. I can never have too many burp cloths as spit ups are a multiple daily occurrence around here. And I love this one since its not your traditional one...oh and it's super soft and hard to miss!

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