Saturday, January 31, 2015

DIY :: kids leg warmers

I love leg warmers. And when I wanted plain ones (just grey or black. simple. casual. comfy.) for my newborn baby I couldn't find them. I knew they would be easy to sew out of fabric if I found the right kind, but I wanted to make it even easier for myself...because I have a newborn baby of course. Off to target I went and picked up some ladies knee high socks. A whole $2.50 per pair. For my one month old baby I cut the foot off and then cut up the back of the "tube" and in about 20 seconds sewed a skinnier/tinier pair for my babe.

BUT- if you don't have a newborn it gets even easier. Just cut off the foot. Done. Yep that's it. And how cute are these heart ones with valentine's day right around the corner. I just bought them on Friday too so you should still be able to snag some :) For $10 bucks you've got yourself 4 pairs. What are you waiting for....go make some!

They are perfect for dance too :)

These are the ones I cut open and sewed up the back to make them tiny...

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  1. Such an awesome idea! Just got some for my 9month old and they have donuts on them🍩 thank you for sharing.