Sunday, February 1, 2015

month // 2

Two months baby girl.  Your dad and I were just staring at you last night and thinking how quickly this has gone for us. It seems like you are enjoying life on the outside and your latest is showing us your beautiful smile. Your siblings think it is the greatest thing when they get you to smile. They try tickling you, singing to you and making funny faces. Please don't ever stop showing the world your precious smile. A smile truly is contagious as you have shown us.

Bedtime has gotten easier for all of us. Thank goodness :) You started taking naps in your crib at 6 weeks and just a week ago began sleeping in your crib at night. Just like your siblings, you seem to sleep really well in it. We swaddle you, let you suck on the pacifier a little and sing jesus loves you. We lay you down awake and you normally fall asleep peacefully. Unless of course we waited to long to put you down and you are overly tired. Then we rock you to sleep. You want to be asleep by 6:30 so we follow your cue. Your sister then goes to bed at 7:00 and your brother at 8:00.

You still look more like your daddy. It must be your light skin and blue eyes (for now anyway).

Play mat/activity gym: 
We introduced you to your play mat this past month and you seem to have a love hate relationship with it. Somedays you will lay and kick happily others you cry at first sight.

At 6 weeks you had your first bottle (brand: first born). I pumped and went on a little date with your brother while daddy fed it to you. You took it like a champ. Since then you have had a few more. Sometimes I pump a bottle before we go out on certain adventures with your siblings. Like last week we went to get air (a jump place). It makes it a little easier on mommy when I have all 3 of you.

You had your 2 month check up and you are developing and growing perfectly.

weight: 10 pounds 9 ounces

Thank you for making all of us so happy. Braeden really loves when you pick him up from school and everly loves that you "share" your pacifier with her. Lately she wants to sleep with it during naps while she sucks her thumb. She must think its cool since you like it :) We are all excited to see what this next month has in store for you and what new tricks you show us. I also think we will begin to enjoy more adventures out, as mommy has heeled and feels a lot more comfortable being outnumbered :)

Love you baby girl.
-mama xx

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